Wedding Flower Decoration

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In Iris Decor we go the extra mile to understand your ideas and dreams, allowing them to transform your venue into the fairy-tale wedding of your dreams using the highest quality and most sublime flowers and foliage for your Decoration that will bring your wedding venue to life.

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Iris Studio/Decor Luxury is our exclusive premium service for the discerning family, looking for an exclusive wedding, reception or sangeet.

Iris studio from the house of Iris Decor has an expert team with more than 16 years of experience to Move your day exceptional and truly Iris studio.

Our Sevices Includes

  • Venue Selection
  • Decor Concepts
  • Catering and Dining Concepts
  • Bar Concepts
  • Entertainment Concepts
  • Photography & Cinematography
  • Wedding Rituals
  • Bride & Groom Special Highlights -  Makeup, Mehandi, Styling, Entry Concepts
  • Guest Managements
  • Invitations
  • Flower Studio
  • Lighting
  • Gift Ideas
  • Barat & Fireworks

When Guest & B2B become 'We', Every Event is a wonderful memory. Your occasions are our concern & we treat them as you would; with perfection, excellence and well within the means. Our all inclusive approach encompasses everything and anything that is in tune with our philosophy of Guest First. It comes as no surprise then that all our Guest are renowned names from elite backgrounds